The Platform


In District 63, we are fortunate to have dedicated, caring, well-trained teachers and school administrators. Unfortunately, teachers and administrators frequently reference the low teacher pay, lack of support, and lack of funding. I will work with others in the General Assembly as well as our county commissioners and school board to find and implement real solutions to the issues facing our school system. We must find ways to best meet the educational needs of our children as well as the needs of our teachers and school administrators.

Our Economy

The population of Alamance County is growing, and this is creating many opportunities for employment in the area; however, employers are often having to look outside the county to find skilled labor to fill many of the highest paying jobs. We need to help our economy, our businesses, and our citizens by ensuring that our children and adult citizens have access to quality, affordable education and job skills training.

Health Care

I have spoken with parents who sincerely worry that they will not be able to afford to take care of their children's health. I fear for the elderly and those who depend on Medicare and Medicaid to meet their health care needs. As a member of the NC House, I will fight for legislation to ensure affordable health care is available to every citizen of North Carolina.

Foster Care System

Our foster care system is at a crossroads. I think it is imperative that we celebrate the successes of our foster care system while at the same time we work to identify problems and find solutions to resolve the issues facing our foster care system today. Additionally, I will work to help make sure that adequate resources are available for children transitioning into adulthood and children transitioning out of foster care. 

Fair Districting

Gerrymandering is a problem, even here in NC District 63. We need a fair system and fair districting that makes sure all people are heard and all votes matter on an equal basis without discrimination or partisan games. 

Livable Wage

Many people in our district continue to struggle to pay their bills while working in minimum wage jobs. Someone working every single week of the year for 40 hours per week at a rate of $7.25/hour barely makes $15,000 - and that's before taxes. That's around $1,000/month to pay for rent/mortgage, a car payment, health insurance, car insurance, food, utilities, clothing, and child care. $7.25/hour is not a livable wage. I will work to help increase the minimum wage and ensure that education, job skills training, and affordable child care is available to the citizens of our district.